Advanced Surf/SUP Lessons with Master Kip (2 Hours – Includes Equipment - 1 Person - $150)

Contest Strategy: Roundhouse Cut-backs, Off-the-lips, Re-entries, Competition strategy, High tech manuvors, Aerials, Tube Riding with graduation trip in Bali, Big Wave techniqes, Tow In Schools, Surf spot, Break downs, Flexibility relaxation meditation, diet, Visulization techniques.

Kip Uses the 6 D's in His Teaching Techniques

1. Disaplin - 2. Direction - 3. Detemination - 4. Dedication - 5. Drive - 6. Desire

Also Incorporate thw 4 A's - Attitude • Action • Ability • Aloha — "Give me a kid with less ability and a good attitude, and he will go further than a child with good ability."

A High Performance Low key system that incorpoorates the 4 human dimentions of surfing, in ones physialigy. Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual/none religious meaning from the inner spirit of ones being. To Create Balance. these lessons of surfing one can apply to life in a more kind and compassionate way with better results in all areas. Balance. Is that not what surfing, and life are about?

Advanced Surfing With Video Reference Coaching

Scout out the best waves on the coast for that day with modern and old school information combined. Take our new 12 passenger Vans from Santa Cruz to Mexico. Experience surfing many breaks, and learning their personalities, moods and water swings. every break has a personality that once you learn how to read it. This will make you a better surfer at all other breaks.

We Work with Students at Their Level After Evaluated

• Surfing Beach wisdom, and Philosophy
• Learn how to stay covered longer in the tube
• Contest strategy
• Visualization Techniques
• Consecutive Combinations down the line manuvers,
• Round house cut backs
• Equipment Break down for different conditions
• Meditation relaxation Techniques. ( see founders bio )
• Cohesive atmosphere advanced meditation, and Yogic Flying
• Beginning and advanced Kundalini by Malibu lifeguard Greg Phiefer
• Graduations trips to Bali, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Cabo, Australia, and St. Barts


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