Western Australia: Another World

Kanoa follows the sun to Western Australia from November to January. A two and a half hour flight from Bali. We land in Perth, get a rant a car and go visit my many friends in a Lovely place called Yallingup 3 hours to the south. 30 minutes north of Margaret River . Yallingup, means the place of love. White sand, uncrowded beaches, with crystal clear pools, and friendly english speaking people who like yanks. No sirens, no noise except a couple Kangaroos, race horse lizards, and plants that have been living in Australia for millions of years. The Aborigine still pass down stories of their ancestors and the Dinosaurs from their great, great grand parents. Exciting huge caves, wide rolling hills of grape land and thick Bush country. With crystal clear ocean water, were you can walk down at low tide and pick Abalone off the rocks. The fishing is great. Sailing in turquoise water huge bay, or go 15 minutes to the other side all open ocean, and great surfing.

The setting is a great house in the bush with a no visual neighbors. 7 minutes to the beach. With calm flat water sports, and rough water sports. Yallingup, offers a diverse experience in Surfing, Oar Boarding, swimming, hiking, sailing, wine tasting, and much much more. With a diverse history or her-story. Relax to the bone in luxury at one of our 7 locations.

3 bed room nice vacation homes in the bush with slight ocean views starting at $ 340.00 a night.

4 star sleeps 4 Villas starting at $ 450.00 a night. Two top of the line new beautiful exquisite units, with Italian marble, and big roman bath tubs. Nestled in the bush 5 minutes to Yallingup proper. The Beach by car. Kangaroos out your back door.

Above prices do not include air fair, or personal Guide. For personal expert Guide, add $ 250.00 a day With Kip $ 350..00 a day

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