Bali Surf Testimonial: You Just Gotta Go With Kip!

- By Ray Koehler

MY FIRST TRIP: to Bali was by myself, but booked thru Kip and Free Spirit Surf. It was awesome and I scored sick waves every day and professional pictures for less than five bucks each! After surfing perfect waves all day, you'll want to get a back and body massage from any one of the beautiful Balinese girls hanging around the bars and cafe's located right on the cliff so you watch the surf and sunset while you lounge like a king. The only thing on this trip was that I didn't know anyone and had no inside info on where and what to do during the different conditions of my stay. This was in May.

MY SECOND TRIP: was with KIP and let me tell you it makes ALL the difference in the world. He knows every one and every place to score BIG. If the swell or wind change, Kip will know where to go to get the best surf that day or week. If you want specific food, drink, massage, meditation, yoga, or just simple tourist sight seeing info, he is the man! After a week of sick lefts I said, "Kip, can we surf any rights on the island?" An hour later in his minivan he showed me three different options for rights and even both at one spot. One even had boat service for three buck so you could jump into perfect waves with dry hair and fresh shoulders!!! Frigin' epic conditions in September.

Balian Surf Testimonial: The Fountain of Youth

- By Cartmell

This is my third trip to Bali, Indonesia. A friend of mine, Kip Jerger, has been coming over here for over 10 years and has the place really wired. Kip has a good friend, John, who lives here full time and he knows where to go every day depending upon tide, the wind and the swell direction. As a result we get great surf every day. We are staying in a wonderful villa in the part of Bali called Uluwatu which is the southern most point of Bali and it picks up Indian Ocean swell from just about any direction. If you draw a straight line from here south the first piece of land you hit is Antarctica, All those huge swell generating storms down there keep pushing waves up to Bali with nothing to stop them until they hit the reefs here and your feeble author tries to ride them without getting his head handed to him.

I have been here for a week now and there have been waves every day. Luckily for me the first five days the waves were only 5 – 6 feet so I had time to get my island feet under me. Even small waves like these are very different than CA waves. They come out of deep water, hit a shallow reef and jack up much quicker than CA beach break waves. If you hang out in the top 1/3 of the wave you run the risk of being catapulted forward, somewhat like shooting a stone with a spoon, and are then rewarded for your improper technique by having the lip of the wave crash on your now submerged head. I have personally perfected this technique. Yesterday John took us on a 2 ½ drive to the west to a river mouth spot called Balian. The last hour was out of this world beautiful, terraced rice fields and brilliant green jungle.

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