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Kip learned to swim at age 4 in Venice Beach, California. He started surfing and paddle boarding in Venice in 1963 with lifeguard Dick Ore. After winning the C.I.F. surf-off in high school and finishing second in swimming, he entered and won the West Coast regional championships at Miraleste High School, San Pedro.

In the seventies, Kip and his brother Tuzo would drive up and down the coast and touring Hawaii, showing surf movies and handing out beer for Lucky Brewery and promoting various surfboard creators and manufacturers. Teaching the Marines at Camp Pendleton in San Clemente, CA, when he was 17 gave Kip his first stoke for teaching surfing. The boards that were used for teaching then were 40 to 80 pound water-logged boats. Kip said he even used a wooden door once to teach a surfing lesson!

Kip has used his experience as a competitor in two different world championship teams, one in Surfing, and one in Rough Water Lifeguarding Competitions to hone his teaching skills with his 4 Surfing Schools, Snowboard Camps, and Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Los Angeles, and in Bali.

Kip helps support several orphanages, and a traditional dance school in Bali. To date, he estimates his schools have taught over 30,000 men, women and children. He has donated his time and money to teach surfing and water safety to over 7,000 inner city children and 350 blind kids since 1995.

Some of his awards include a Lifeguard Medal of Valor from LA City Mayor Tom Bradley, National Iron-Man Championship, and he won the prestigious Catalina Classic Paddle Board Race in 1982.

At age 56 Kip, has successfully made more than 700 rescues, plus another 22 rescues just between November to May of 2009.

Kip loves Teaching, Surfing and Meditation, and he feels that they all have a similar effect on one's physiology.
His goal is to help get as many people as possible enlightened about the good things in life.

Kip's personal favorites are his Bali Trips. Look for his new after-school programs starting Spring 2010.

Live Aloha!! Peace.

Kip suports 2 orphanages and Traditional Girls Dance Team, as well as teaches Reike, Massage, and Meditation (see Surf Yoga).

Check out Kip's Ten Commandments and awesome Surf Tips before your next go out!

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