Stand Up Paddle (Oar Boarding)

One of the fastest new growing water sports in ecsistance has many advantages.
• Upper and lower body workout
• Wave Riding
• Higher Visual Advantage point
• Number one on my list Dolphin cruising
• Easy hassell- free water access entry to streams, lakes, and rivers

We at Kanoa offer an on call full Surfing Paddling, Stand Up and knee Paddling support team.

Surfing and Stand up Boarding

Classes- Private Lessons- $ 120.00 for one and a half hours. Comes with equipment.

Rentals $ 30.00 an hour
B-day and cooorporate parties.

Exotic Oarboarding trips Market Value ( Cheap ) see Bali Page

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Testimonial- Bobbie Cooper

"The ocean is friendly and calm with neat little lines coming through and you enjoy its company. And if you’re like me, you go crazy with it and smile and sing lots to yourself ha ha! When I drop in on a wave on a stand up, I freak out with excitement and go crazy, I want to drive faster and turn harder and make the ride last forever, but on these waves its hard, so Hawaii or Indo is another dream! But I love surfing and couldn’t live without it; you don’t go a day without thinking about your next wave and what you want to learn!"


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