Our Staff

Kanoa staff is the highest trained ocean-certified lifeguards, surfers and expert watermen & women ever assembled. Kanoa has over 35 years of teaching surfing experience and has developed a system that works not only for the beginning surfer, but for the advanced as well.

Kip was fortunate enough to be a part of two world championship teams, one in surfing and one in lifeguard competition. He worked with the L.A. County Lifeguards, teaching junior lifeguards and helping start their surfing program. These experiences helped him to perfect his teaching technique, ocean knowledge & safety, and self-rescue techniques.

We are the only surf camp that has two certified ocean-lifeguards at every camp that teach yoga, meditation, tandem and trandem surfing.
Here at Kanoa, we use a gentle learning approach.

Our Philosophy

We believe in an unstructured environment where the campers are free to participate in as many or few activities as they want and are encouraged to try different things each day. After our campers have taken our first 3 levels of surfing courses, they have the freedom to roam from activity to activity as they wish. We have 7-10 different activities a day.

Another thing that you should know about Kanoa is that we group our campers by age in the morning. After that we merge the ages, to allow for many guarded events to take place at one time. We do realize, however, that our youngest campers (ages 5-6) sometimes need special attention and activities that cater to their needs and offer a little extra TLC . Therefore we offer optional "guppy" games each day that are just for our youngest campers.

Sometimes when faced with to many choices campers need help making decisions. A few of our caring staff are always roaming to help these campers find the perfect activity.

The camp caters to every child. Those who love to swim with the Dolphins, or participate in numerous water sports such as single surfing-tandem, trandom, boogie boarding, body surfing, paddling, and our newest invention, The walk on water game.

Those who prefer team sports can play their favorites all day long, from Dodge Ball,Volley Ball, Musical flags, Capture the Flag, and Soccer. Every Wednesday we have Pizza, and soda day, cost $ 7.00.

Every Friday we have a fun test day called Aloha Day. We conduct fun test in body boarding, surfing, sand castle building, Hawaiian Costume contest. The pit of death running relay. The relay runs 20 yards, then you duck under 2 rows of 3' high body boards, runs around a flag to try and jump across the Pit of Death. A pit doug 3 feet deep, 7 foot long filled with sea weed. After that you run down to another manned flag in 3' of feet of ocean water, circle up and hand the baton to the next runner on you team.

We also have girls and boy events in every sport including, The Musical flags fun test. Everybody wins something in every age level and gender. Campers receive a t-shirt, and a Kanoa Surf Team Certificate, with hand carved and painted Balinese craft awards.

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Our Manhattan Director

Troy A. Campbell

Troy is known to his friend as “Soup”.  Troy grew up and now lives in Torrance. He  started surfing at the age 13.  Surfing  Palos Verdes and the South Bay beaches.

Troy currently directs Kanoa Aquatics Manhattan Beach Surf Camp and the Bali, Indonesia surf camp. He is currently researching and developing a surf camp in West Australia for Kanoa Aquatics.  Troy worked for Kanoa Surf shop in Palos Verdes and Manhattan Beach in the 70 and 80’s.
Troy’s desire is to take off on XXX Monster outside Uluwatu called the outside corner.
November from Bali and Yallingua Western Austria.  At 48 Troy still charges the Big Waves.   ( See new photos of Troy after November from Bali & Yallingua Western Austrialia.

Troy is now working on Kanoas  new team concept in snowboarding, skiing, surfing, beginners and extreme lessons and new mobile winter program for surfing the best waves possible.

Troy’s philosophy:  Take a part waves not People.  He uses kindness, compassion, happiness and above all patience.

His strong suit is tolerance towards negativity or negative people.  His even nature serves him well in and out of the water.

For a private surf lesson with Troy, call 310-748-1977




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