St. Barts: A Totally Different Surf Trip

Surfing can be practised in quite a number of bays in Saint-Barthélemy, but only a few of them are shaped to produce the beautiful rolling waves with a crest of foam that the young copper-skinned, straw-haired surfers prefer: Toiny, Lorient, Anse des Cayes and Saint-Jean. It is a whole way of life. If you would like to try, the equipment is for rent in a few specialized shops, and they can find someone to guide you through your first ride.

You buy your air fair, and we take you surfing with our expert guide. While teaching the rules of the road at his favorite surfing spots. He is a master fisherman, with a boat. Allow us to plug you into the best qualified personel ever put together in 6 different world class exotic surfing destinations

Buy your own ticket, and hotel. Camp sites avalable
Pick Your level of desired assistance on your trip
Pick ours brains for free

We offer three levels

Economy, we offer free information
Casual Traveller, guide $ 150.00 a day
Or First Class guides Cost $ 250.00 a day

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